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Pregnancy Calculator  v.2 72

Pregnancy Calculator is a simple application that will show you what are the best dates to conceive a child. The first thing to do is click on the first day of your last period.

Sales Tax Calculator  v.2 8

There is a type of software that is developed for helping people in their daily tasks, like different types of calculators, schedulers, automation tool and many more. Sales Tax Calculator also belongs to this type.


Metric Convertor  v.4 2

Metric Converter belongs to a type of software that might not be used very often, but when computer users need it they highly appreciate this utility. The tiny application was developed for converting between metric and imperial units.

4 Weeks Step By Step Marketing

With exact, detailed, and simple instructions each day, you'll grow your business to a point of amazement even when starting from scratch. 4 Weeks Step-By-Step Marketing is more than just your average marketing program. The information contained inside is

J.L.A. Thenach Search and Research  v.3 3

The Thenach is the Jewish name for 'the Old Testament'. So with the J.L.A. Thenach Program one has the Jewish Bible in Hebrew at his disposal.

EMusic/J  v.0.2

eMusic/J is a cross-platform, open source download manager for the music service. It takes the .emx file that you get from the website, and downloads the music specified in it.

Johnson Amplification J-Edit  v.1 2

The Johnson J-Edit™ software is a powerful computer editing interface for the J-Station. Using J-Edit™ gives you instant access to all of the J-Station's parameters. Getting the perfect sound is just a point and click away.

J-Bird  v.0.5.2

J-Bird is a database system for recording observations of birds. Observations might be life ticks or ticks made on a day-to-day basis. The database is structured around the idea of a daily trip or excursion.

J&L Genealogy Reference  v.1 3

The J&L Genealogy Reference is an easy to use tool to save and organize your genealogy research data. Store all the important data in one place. You will have the ability to sort, view and print out the information on any data field.

Verbs J  v.1.0

Verbs J is a simple and useful educational utility created to help your children learn common verbs that start with J. The method chosen to achieve this uses attractive images that lead to actions starting with this letter.

Zbit J-Chat Pro  v.3.0

The J-Chat Pro is fast, reliable, scalable, fully customized and easy to install chat application without page flickering. Hosts multiple sites, private rooms, and moderated chats. There are constant developments, great services, nice design.

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